Harry Max
Prioritization: Coaching - Consulting - Workshops
For High-performing Individuals, Teams, and Organizations
In various roles and capacities, helping people, teams, and beyond thrive in times of rapid acceleration or growth; product or service design; pivots through uncertainty, business or Agile transformations and initiatives; strategy development and strategic planning; effective prioritization; and flawless execution. 
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Get the Right Job Done
Thoughtful but incisive, probing questions that force people to get honest with themselves. Harry Max wields a rich depth of knowledge, experience, perspective and razor-sharp, real-time awareness and analysis to parse complex professional challenges or opportunities for growth. Assertively presents observations, insights, questions, or suggestions that prompt deep introspection leading to positive, sustainable change.
Executive Coaching

More of a creative thinking partner than a "coach", clients include executives, founders, talented individual contributors, as well as operational leaders and leadership teams who find themselves in need of seasoned, trusted thinking partner who can accelerate personal growth and professional development.


Collaborating with clients to provide clarity, focus, and decisive action through design thinking, problem framing, prioritization, strategy development,  roadmaps, and execution. For leaders in need of a fresh, external perspective; someone who can diagnose, demystify, and offer innovative yet pragmatic solutions.

Workshops / Training

The current flagship offering is a hands-on, one-day workshop on the wholistic topic of prioritization. In addition to covering the basics of personal effectiveness, the main focus of this training is the applied knowledge of the processes, techniques, frameworks, and tools to improve outcomes and increase alignment and efficiency. Other soft-skills competency development by request.